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The creation of this project would not have been possible without the help of many dedicated scholars, organizations, and volunteers. We are grateful to every person who was willing to share their story, their time, and their resources with us in order to bring this project to life.


Robert Miller for sharing his voice, David Wintermute for sharing his bass and kora, and the member of Good Shepherd Tryon, and St. Gabriel's Rutherfordton for sharing their worship services. 

Mr. David Jones Jr, Mrs. Barbara Durant Jones, Mr. Allen Fullwood, Ms. Bernadette Moore, Mr. Jim Tester, Mrs. Sandra Miller Camp, Mrs. Helen Lynch, the Rev. Dn. Bobby Lynch, Mr. Gordon Hamilton, Mr. Ben Ellington, Ms. Ella Jackson, Mrs. Ressie Hughes, Mr. Joseph Chavis, Mrs. Mary Chavis, and Mrs. Lee Berger for their trust and for sharing their stories.

The Rev. Jim Abbott, Mr. David Jones III, Mrs. Gwen Jones, The Rev. Elizabeth Tester, The Rev. Scott Oxford, Mr. Gordon Hamilton, Mr. Bill Mance, The Rev. Walter Bryan, Ms. Daphne Murdock, The Rev. Jonathan Stepp, The Rev. Maggie Rourk, Jada Bryson, Rev. Francis King, The Rev. Anna Shine, Marilyn Rosenburg, The Rev. Aloha Smith, and Beth Saine for their contribution and collaboration throughout this project.

The Rt. Rev. José A. McLoughlin, for his support of this project and continued ministry.


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Gilbert, The Venerable Brenda. Interview with Quentin and Regina Miller. Personal, 2022.

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“NC Listings in the National Register of Historic Places.” NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. Accessed June 20, 2022.

Taylor, Virginia. Interview with David and Barbara Jones. Personal, 2022.


This project is just the beginning. We hope you will take the resources and stories mentioned here and continue your own research into these parishes and places. Please click here for a compiled list of all resources used to create this project, alongside additional resources to continue your learning. 

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